Best Age For Hifz Quran

Best Age For Hifz Quran – When To Start Memorization

Did you know that age has a direct connection with your memorization speed? Be it the Quran memorization or your school studies, we have to memorize a lot of things. When it comes to the Quran memorization, you should have a strong memory and mental capability to save more than 6 thousand verses in your memory. For that, you should know the best age for Hifz Quran.

You would have often heard that “the earlier the better”. Does it also apply in the Quran memorization? Is there a best age to memorize Quran? In the light of scientific studies as well as our tutors’ experience, we will let you know about the right age to start Quran learning or memorization.

What Is The Best Age For Hifz Quran?

Have you ever asked someone about the best age for Quran memorization and didn’t get a precise number? Or have you asked multiple people the same question and got conflicting answers? It probably would have happened. It’s because there is no precise number that is considered to be the best time to start the Quranic studies.

Mostly, 6 is considered the best age when it comes to the Quran memorization. However, this isn’t a definite number and not everyone who turns 6 can Hifz Quran. Conversely, there is no restriction in starting the Quran memorization before someone gets 6.

There are live examples of a lot of people who became Hafiz-e-Quran when they were 3 or 4 years of age. When taking a look at all these factors, we can say that 6 isn’t a definite number that can be considered best for everyone.

Best Age To Start Education According To Science

Let us now talk about what experts say about starting an academic career for a kid. There was a study conducted by Dr. Thomas Dee and Hans Henrik Sievertsen at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. The study was about finding an appropriate age to start school or other types of education.

According to the outcomes of the research, children who enroll themselves in school at the age of 6 perform better than early or latecomers. Denmark has the best education system in the world. In Denmark, most children start their formal education after getting 6.

After taking into consideration the outcomes of studies and experts’ opinions, it can be said 6 is considered the best age for Hifz Quran. However, your child can start early or late depending on their mental capacity.

Why 6 Is The Best Age For Quran Memorization?

There are a lot of reasons why childhood is considered the best age for Quran memorization. No doubt, you can Hifz Quran whenever you want. But the earlier you start it, the better it is. Let’s have a look at a few reasons why early age Quran memorization is considered the best approach.

1) Less Occupied

When it comes to childhood, the best thing is having plenty of time. Having plenty of time makes it easier for them to start Quran memorization. They don’t have responsibilities. Even school studies are super easy to manage when you are 6 or 7 years old. So if your child wants to become a Hafiz or you want your kid to Hifz the Quran, hire an online Hifz course for them.

2) Memorization Is Easy

Kids are often good at memorization and one of the reasons is their natural ability and less occupied brain. As you grow older, you may have a hard time memorizing the same stuff. Hence, it’s naturally easier for children to Hifz Quran. That’s why you should motivate your kid to start memorizing the Quran during childhood.

3) Less Social Interaction

Meeting with friends consumes plenty of our time. As we grow older, our social interaction increases. Be it with friends, job-related interactions, or your business, scarcity of time increases with age. Hence, it may take longer to Hifz Quran. However, children aren’t occupied with all these activities. That’s why memorizing the Holy Quran in early childhood is a better idea.

How To Find The Best Age To Start Quran?

As mentioned before, 6 may not be the right age for everyone to start memorizing the Quran. Your kid may start before or after it. So how to find the right age for your kid to learn the Holy Quran? Let’s know.

1) Look For Your Kid’s Mental Health

Some kids are naturally good at learning and picking things up. They have a sharp mind and are good at memorizing things. Start noticing your child’s mental capacity. If you think your kid is better at learning and they start understanding things, they can Hifz Quran even before getting 6. However, if your child takes time to understand things, it’s better to wait for some time.

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2) Check Your Kid’s Free Time

One of the best ways to know when your child should memorize the Holy Quran is to know how busy they are. Look for their homework, school studies, and similar factors. If they are around 6 and have plenty of time, they would find it easier to Hifz the Holy Quran. So hire online Hifz classes for them to start memorizing the Quran.

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3) Look For Your Child’s Interest

One of the best ways to find the right age to start the Quran memorization is to know your child’s interest. Some kids are more interested in Islamic studies and they want to earn the title of being a Hafiz. If your child is also interested, you should hire online Hifz classes for them even when they are under 6.

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