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Can I Learn The Quran By Myself? | Quran Xperts

Many people have a question in their mind: Is there a way to learn Quran myself? The answer to this question is yes and no. Strictly speaking, one can learn Quran by oneself, but it is not the recommended way because you will have a lot of issues learning by yourself. 

The Holy Quran is different from other books due to the sensitivity of its language. A little change in pronunciation can change the full meaning of the verse. So we should be cautious while learning Quran.

To remove this confusion from your mind, we have addressed the issue and suggested a solution below in detail.

Learning Quran By Yourself

Many Muslims learn Quran in childhood. For new Muslims and people who could not learn it for some reason, the problem arises of how to learn it. Finding a capable teacher is not easy nowadays. 

So if you want to learn it yourself, read this article thoroughly. We have broken down the procedure of learning the Quran yourself into little steps to make it easy. 

1. A little Reminder

Remember that goal is not to learn fast but to learn it correctly. So don’t be disheartened if you are making progress slowly. Just take baby steps; before; before you know it, you will have learned it. Allah will make learning easy for you if you put in your full effort.  

2. Start from Norani Qaida

If you are a beginner, the best way to learn is by starting Norani Qaida. You can’t learn just from Qaida. You will have to take help from lessons available online. 

First, start learning Arabic alphabets, sounds they make, forms of alphabets, etc. Once your grip on the alphabet is firm, then you can move to learn words. In any Arabic Qaida, there are exercises of words. Focus on every word and try to learn it properly. 

Remember to take baby steps and learn each step properly because this is the base of the Quran. If your grip on basic lessons is strong, it will be straightforward to learn the rest of the Quran.

3. Listening To The Tilawat of The Quran

The next step should be to listen to the tilawat of the Quran. Listening is the best way to learn. When we are little, we learn to speak by listening to our parents. Listening is the most powerful tool in learning, so use it to learn Quran.

You can listen tilawat e Quran online or on TV. The best way is to download Quran app on your mobile. Some apps have a feature: by placing the finger on the word, they recite it. So these Quran apps are beneficial for beginners.

4. Reading Quran

After listening, you should try reading it yourself. Or you can try reading along with listening. In this way, you can self-correct your mistakes. 

In the beginning, the best way is to start with short surahs. Some scholars suggest starting the last para first from the end. As the last surahs of the Quran are short in length, the task of learning will become easy for you.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

To learn Quran properly, you have to put in a lot of effort. You can’t just learn it in a week or a month. Learning Quran is a continuous process. When you are done with one step, move on to the other, and this cycle continues. 

6. Learning goes on

With time you will improve, but the learning will never end. The reason is that there is so much to learn from Quran that our lives seem so short in comparison. 

When you are done with Qaida, the next step should be to learn to read Quran. Once you learn reading, then you can move on to learn the rules of tajweed. 

After you are done with tajweed, you can start understanding Quran. Then if you wish, you can start memorizing it. So the point is that learning should never stop.

Difficulties In Learning Quran Yourself

As we have mentioned above, you can learn Quran yourself. But during this process, you will face problems. There will be days you are very close to giving up because of the struggle. But don’t worry. 

We have mentioned those possible difficulties, and then we will tell you a solution to these problems.

1. Chance Of Making Mistakes

There is a high chance that you will make mistakes while learning the Quran yourself. Maybe you don’t know how to make correct sounds of alphabets or are having problems lengthening alphabets. 

As humans, we all are prone to making errors. There are a lot of sensitive rules that must be followed during reading, and if you are teaching yourself Quran, you are exposed to making mistakes, which can change the meaning of the ayah.

2. Lack Of Guidance

If we learn by ourselves, we can’t look for someone to guide us through the process of learning. Teachers are there to show us straightforward ways how to learn. They make us aware of learning requirements, the most probable mistakes, and the best way to learn. In self-learning, we are devoid of these favors.

3. Can’t Ask Questions

During learning Quran, your mind will ask a lot of questions. And having questions in mind is good while learning. It’s a sign that you are making an effort. 

But in self-learning, you can’t ask questions from anyone. If you are learning from recorded videos on the internet, still this door is closed. So many questions remain unanswered.

4. Difficult to be Punctual

In self-learning, you will find it difficult to be punctual. As there is no accountability and we don’t have to answer to anybody, we can quickly get distracted and careless.

5. No Discussion Sessions

We always learn better in groups and with friends. We can discuss our issues with each other and teach as well. 

If you have difficulty understanding certain aspects, you can consult your mates and learn from them. But in self-learning, there is no space for discussion.

Hire An Online Quran Academy

Till here, we saw the process of how to learn the Quran yourself and raised the issues we face during self-learning. Now we will see that although you can learn Quran yourself, it is not recommended. 

And one should always consider joining the Quran academy. They will make the process very smooth and enjoyable. 

Why Learn From The Quran Academy?

Are you still wondering how to memorize Quran by yourself? Quran was revealed on Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) when he was in cave Hira. Hazrat Jibrael (AS) brought the message and taught him the verses of the Quran. 

After learning from Gibraeel, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to teach the Quran to the Sahaba (Companions of The Holy Prophet). He was sent as a teacher to teach the Quran to humanity. 

From this, we know that a teacher is needed to learn the Quran. The best option is to join the Quran academy or find a teacher to learn Quran properly.

Importance Of Teaching And Learning The Quran

The best of you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.”

(Al-Bukhari 5027)

From these hadees, we also know the importance of the teaching of the Quran. Those people who learn and then teach are called the best. So we should put our full efforts and time to learn and teach the Quran.


Teachers not only help us learn, but they make us punctual as well. When we take a class at a particular time, our brain is conditioned that this time is to learn Quran. 

We automatically make up our minds. Also, if we are absent someday, we must be answerable to teachers. So these things make us punctual. In short, one should join the Quran academy or learn from a teacher to quickly learn Quran.

Discussion Sessions

If you are registered in the Quran Academy, the process of learning becomes a lot easier. There are teachers to help you with each step along the way. They will guide you, teach you, and correct your mistakes. You can ask questions to them. 

Also, there can be healthy discussion sessions in which you can solve your confusion. In essence, your difficulties and problems will be addressed and solved in this way.


It is our duty as Muslims to learn to read and understand Quran. We should fix a time which is for learning Quran. 

In this way, we can benefit in this world and akhirah. One can learn Quran oneself, but it is not a suggested way. The preferred method is to learn from a teacher or join an online Quran academy.

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