How Does Online Quran Learning Work?

Online Quran classes have emerged as a blessing for students. Over the past few years, their popularity has tremendously increased. Why not? There are several benefits to learn the Holy Quran online. But we aren’t going to delve into them here.

We have seen some confusion among students about the working of online Quran classes. Some don’t know how online Quran learning works while others don’t know what type of software is used in teaching the Quran online. Students also don’t know what type of device they should have to be able to learn the Quran.

All these confusions make it difficult for students to decide whether they should learn the Quran online or go to a mosque. But that’s not going to happen anymore. Let’s get started to know some questions about the working of Quran classes online.

How Do Online Quran Classes Work?

First, you have to find a suitable online Quran academy for you. Quran Xperts is here to solve the problem for you. We are providing you with the most qualified online Quran teachers. Who are ready to assist you with everything in learning the Quran.

Once you have found an online Quran teaching academy, the next step comes to select the type of online Quran course for you. Quran Xperts has the following programs for you.

After choosing the course you want, select the type of package that suits your needs or let us know to make it according to your requirements. Once you have hired us, here is how our online Quran teachers will help you learn the Quran.

Let’s say you have chosen to learn Quran reading online. You will let us know a suitable time to schedule your online Quran class. At the time of your class, you pick up your device, log in to your account, and have a video call with your teacher.

Our online Quran teachers will be at the other end of the call who will open the soft copy of the Quran on their screen and teach you the Holy Quran. You will have 30 to 45 minutes of class depending on the type of online Quran package you have chosen. During these classes, you will learn the Quran reading from your teacher. By the end of the course, you will have mastered the course you have chosen.

How Many Students will Be In One Class?

You will be the only student of your Quran teacher. So feel free to ask as many questions as you can. We are providing you with one-on-one online Quran lessons. That’s how we make sure that you are getting proper attention from your teacher. 

Having multiple students in one class can distract not only the teacher but also the student. We want you to get 100% attention from your teacher. For that purpose, we teach each student separately.

Software To Take Online Quran Classes

Another question students have is about the software that is used to teach the Quran online. No such software has been made which is adopted by every online Quran teaching academy.  Every online Quran academy chooses the one that it finds the best for its students. Some use Skype for online Quran classes while others prefer Zoom, MS Teams, and other software. 

Quran Xperts uses Zoom and Skype to help students learn the Holy Quran. Both these apps have everything we need to teach our students. It’s up to you whether you want to learn the Holy Quran using Skype or Zoom.

What Device Is Used To Learn Quran Online?

There is a misconception prevailing about online Quran classes. It is that a student must have a laptop or a Desktop PC to learn the Quran. Because of this misconception, some students don’t even take admission in online Quran classes as they don’t have these gadgets.

However, that’s not the case. You can learn the Quran on tablets and smartphones as well. Just keep in mind that you need two main things to learn the Holy Quran online:

  • A device that you can use to have a video call. It can be a Desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, etc. 
  • A good internet connection.

If you have these things, you are ready to learn the Holy Quran online. The same is the case with Quran memorization and learning the Quran with Tajweed. There are no additional requirements for these courses.

Is There A Geographical Limit To Online Quran Learning?

Some students try to find the online Quran academy in their locality. They think that it’s better to hire someone who lives in their own country. However, that shouldn’t be the case. If you have found a suitable online Quran academy, hire them. It doesn’t matter which country they are based in. 

There are no geographical limitations in learning the Quran and the distance doesn’t even matter. The location of the academy doesn’t affect their services. That’s why you should hire an online Quran teaching academy if you find the best as per your needs and budget.

What If My Teacher Misses The Class?

There can be a chance that your teacher may not be able to attend a particular class. In this case, the teacher will let you know in advance about the cancellation of the class. Not only this, we will provide you with the compensation class on some other day so that your total number of classes per month doesn’t get affected.

What If I Miss My Online Quran Class?

In case you have an urgent piece of work and you can’t take your Quran class, let us know about it beforehand. If you tell us beforehand, we will arrange your class some other day so that your total number of monthly classes remains the same.

Bottom Line

We have answered some questions about the working of online Quran classes. There can be some other confusions as well. If any query pops up in your mind, feel free to contact us anytime. If you need an instant reply, talk to our chatting agent. We are live 24/7 to assist you with anything about learning the Quran online.

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