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Easy Qaida Learning For Beginners

Quran Xperts provides classes of easy Qaida learning for beginners where they can learn the rules of Noorani Qaida with Tajweed. Simply contact us via Whatsapp to arrange your FREE Trial Qaida classes. Online Quran teachers are available through Quran Xperts to help you learn Qaida with Tajweed.

Qaida is the first book to teach children and adults how to correctly read the Holy Quran. Learn and read the Qaida in Urdu and English online using Tajweed guidelines.

In the authentic Hadith, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Read the Qur’an, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection.” [Hadith | Sahih Muslim]

Noorani Qaida is a necessary stage in learning the Holy Quran. It aids in the formation of a solid foundation for mastering pronunciation and other guidelines for reading the Quran with proper accent and Tajweed.

To learn the Quran successfully, you must have a firm command of the Arabic language. It’s only feasible because of “Learn Noorani Qaida Online” a one-of-a-kind course.

We teach Qurani Qaida with Tajweed online utilizing Skype and Zoom, and we use inventive strategies to do it. First, the Arabic alphabet is learned, then Quranic phrases, and finally verses. In addition, we provide Noorani Tajweed Qaida classes in both English and Urdu.

The Importance Of Learning Qaida

The Arabic alphabet can be found in Noorani Qaida. Before learning the holy Quran, a non-Arab person must first understand the Arabic alphabet. Qaida is advantageous to all non-native Arabs who are unable to speak Quranic words unless they master the basic rules for pronouncing the Arabic alphabet.

Noorani Qaida teaches beginners how to pronounce Arabic words correctly. Qaida is very easy to learn and maybe learned from Quran Xperts or by Muslims of any age. It is relatively simple to learn for non-Arabic students. After finishing Qaida, the learner will be able to read the Quran according to Tajweed norms and with an Arabic accent.

About Online Qaida Course – Learning At Home

Noorani Qaida’s teachings are getting increasingly popular over the internet. Online programs for learning Qaida are available through Quran Xperts. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to start learning Noorani Qaida online.

Learn Qaida online with the help of Quran Xperts. Using internet telephony programs like skype or zoom, you can begin Qaida lessons from the comfort of your own home on your phone or laptop. It’s like regular classes, but with the bonus of a personal online home tutor.

Students from all over the world are learning Noorani Qaida online at home with the help of our dedicated Noorani Qaida Tutors in Quran Xperts.

Quran Xperts’ Experienced Tutors Can Help You Learn Noorani Qaida

Our online instructors at Quran Xperts are extremely knowledgeable and skilled. They can assist students in quickly learning Qaida online. We teach our students how to read difficult words in an easy-to-understand manner. Students can learn to read the whole Quranic Ayah once they have mastered the words. Noorani Qaida Tajweed rules are taught. To instruct our students, we use both modern and old approaches.

Anyone Can Learn Noorani Qaida- No Age Restriction

Anyone of any age can study Noorani Qaida from our specialized live Noorani Qaida with Tajweed trainers if they have access to the internet and a computer. For online Noorani Qaida lessons, internet telephone and screen sharing tools (Skype and Zoom) are used. For audio communication, students will need a computer headset and microphone.

At the agreed-upon hour, the online Noorani Qaida teacher calls his assigned student and conducts a one-on-one class in the student’s bedroom. The Qaida teacher and students converse during the session while seeing the same Qaida lecture on their laptops.

Learn Noorani Qaida Course – Fundamental Course

Our tutors teach the Noorani Qaida Course, which is a fundamental course based on the Noorani Qaida syllabus. With the support of professional online Noorani Qaida Tutors, we have created a thorough Online Qaida Course for kids and adults (male and females).

It is the initial stage in learning Quran for beginners. You can’t accurately recite the Holy Quran without first mastering the fundamental guidelines. This course begins with an introduction to the Arabic alphabet. It is advised for those who do not speak Arabic but want to read the Arabic language and the Quran using Tajweed guidelines.

Learn Noorani Qaida Online- What Will You Learn From This Course?

Learn Noorani Qaida course teaches the following fundamentals:

  • Recognize Arabic letters in a variety of shapes and sounds
  • Learn the Arabic Alphabet Makharij
  • Learn the fundamentals of Tajweed
  • Acquire the ability to read the Quran with accurate pronunciation
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of Islam

Learn Noorani Qaida Online – Course Outline

Course outline of “Learn Qaida Online” course are:

  • Pronounce Arabic letters correctly (Makhraj)
  • Learning the shapes of the alphabet
  • Compound Letters
  • Harakaat (Movements)
  • Movements when standing
  • The Maddah Letters
  • Letters from Leen
  • Sukoon (Jazm)
  • Tashdeed
  • Tanween or Nunnation
  • The Noon Sakin Rules
  • Meem Sakin’s Rules
  • Stopping Rules (Waqf)

Learn Noorani Qaida Online – Classes Structure

Through proper planning and timetables, Quran Xperts assists its students. The following is the structure of the online learns Noorani Qaida with Tajweed classes:

  • Class Type: Head-to-Head
  • Class Duration: Half An Hour
  • Age Level: 5 or Above Years
  • Requirements: None
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Course Period: Depends upon student’s ability
  • Tutor: Live Private tutor
  • Gender: Both-Male/Female
  • Languages: Tajweed Qaida in Urdu / Tajweed Qaida in English
  • Tools: Skype, Zoom

Free Online Learn Qaida classes – Demo Classes

Quran Xperts offers free online Learn Qaida Classes to ensure its quality and attract an audience. In actuality, this is a test for both new and seasoned students. Before determining whether or not to enroll in classes, the student will evaluate the academy and the teacher.

You won’t have to spend anything until you’re satisfied with the service as a consequence of the free online Qaida classes. In addition, the teacher will evaluate the student’s knowledge, produce a report.

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