Easy Short Surahs To Memorize

12 Easy Short Surahs To Memorize In Ramadan

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

      (Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim)

During the month of Ramadan, every Muslim tries their best to improve and increase their rewards. Besides, a lot of Muslims set their goals to recite the entire Holy Quran in that one month. 

Some may set the goal to memorize the entire Quran while others may be looking for some short surahs to Hifz. If you are in the latter category, we are here to help you out by pointing out some of the short chapters of the Holy Quran. 

There are a number of short surahs to memorize in the month of Ramadan. Below are the Surahs along with their rewards that tell you why you should memorize them in the month of Ramadan. So, here we go. 

Best Surahs To Memorize In Ramadan

Surahs To Memorize

Surah Ad-Duha (93)
Al-Sharh (94)
Surah Al-Asr (103)
Surah Al-Fil (105)
Surah-Quraish (106)
Surah Al-Ma’un (107)
Surah Al-Kawthar (108)
Surah Al-Kafirun (109)
Al-Nasr (110)

Al-Ikhlas (112)
Al-Falaq (113)
Al-Nas (114)

1. Surah Ad-Duhaa (93), The Morning Brightness

Revealed by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after a long period, this Surah is referred to as the Morning brightness or the early hours. The Surah was revealed to reassure the Prophet (PBUH) that Allah (Azza Wa Jal) had not left or forsaken him. 

Life is full of challenges. Especially in Ramadan. In these hard times that we face, one may doubt or question their faith. That is why it is recommended to memorize this important surah. This Surah will make you feel your connection with Allah and by reciting it, your bond with Allah will be renewed. 

2. Al-Sharh (94), the Expansion

Also known as Al-Inshirah, this easy to memorize surah is believed to be revealed directly after Ad-Duha. Unlike the Surah Ad-Duha, this Surah talks about the spiritual benefits and strength. It also talks about seeking spiritual comfort and benefits from Allah. 

The 5th and 6th line of this Surah mention as follows:
“For truly with hardship comes ease”. 

This Surah is a great comfort during times of struggle. It is a reminder of both humility and strength during times of success. 

3. Surah Al-Asr (103)

Surah Al-Asr is among the shortest Surahs of the Holy Quran. This Surah has only 3 verses. But do not worry, as the three lines of this surah are meaningful in their own way. The name of the Surah is shared with the Asr (the late afternoon prayer) prayer. 

This Surah tells us to stay patient and preserve when we are stuck in times of crisis. This Surah comforts us in knowing that our faith will see us through the dark times. Apart from this, the Surah also reminds us about Allah’s power as well as his guidance. 

4. Surah Al-Fil (105) 

As taken from the title, the Surah takes its title from how Allah (Azza Wa Jal) struck down the elephants of Abrahah. Abrahah had attempted to invade the Holy city Mecca and tear the Ka’aba down. But Allah did not let that happen. Thus, do not fret if the Surah is short, the lines of this Surah are a reminder of Allah’s might and wish to protect the Holy Ka’aba. 

5. Surah-Quraysh (106) 

This surah is usually coupled with Al-Fil because it adds context to the previous surah, referring to the Quraysh tribe stated in the opening line. The Quraysh are urged in this surah to remember that God has protected them not because of their money or status, but because God wishes to maintain the Kaaba. Reciting these two surahs together serves as a reminder of God’s will and the need of remaining humble in our faith.

6. Surah Al-Ma’un (107) 

This surah serves as a potent reminder to us that, while prayer is a crucial part of our ibadah, we should not overlook the importance of charity. This easy surah to memorize reminds us timely that among our actions of Allah’s worship, giving charity in his name is a must. Whether you assist the vulnerable or you are donating to feed the poor, all should be done for the sake of Allah. 

7. Surah Al-Kawthar (108)

This easy surah to memorize for prayer is among the Surahs that people recite and memorize right after the Surah Fatiha. This Surah is among the shortest Surahs in the Quran as well. Al-Kawthar serves as a reminder that our blessings come from God, and that our faith is strengthened by our worship of Him rather than our earthly possessions.

8. Surah Al-Kafirun (109) 

During his sunnah prayers before the morning fajr and evening maghrib prayers, the Prophet (PBUH) is claimed to have recited this surah with surah 112, al-Ikhlas. This small surah to memorize notifies the actual dissimilarities between Muslims and Non-Muslims. According to some sources, the prophet PBUH described this Surah as “one-fourth of the Quran”. 

9. Al-Nasr (110)

This is another short quranic surah to memorize. It recounts Islam’s victory during the Prophet’s lifetime and encourages us to glorify God and ask forgiveness from him. This is an appropriate surah to recite during Ramadan, which is a month dedicated to worshipping God and requesting forgiveness. It is also believed that those who recite this surah will receive God’s assistance in overcoming the challenges of defeating their foes.

10. Al-Ikhlas (112)

This short surah to memorize is among the 3 Quls alongside the Al-Falaq and Al-Naas. Surah Ikhlas is the first of the 3 Quls. According to the Prophet (PBUH), Al-Ikhlas is akin to “one-third of the entire Quran.” 

Although the Surah Ikhlas is among the shortest Surahs of the Holy Quran, nonetheless, this Surah provides a profound message about Allah’s oneness.  It is perhaps the second most important and often used surah in Muslim prayer after Al-Fatihah.

11. Al-Falaq (113)

This easy Quranic surah to memorize is beneficial in different ways. The first line of this Surah mentions Allah as the “Lord of the daybreak”, this reminds and notifies the presence of Allah. This short surah to memorize offers a powerful reminder to get help from Allah. This will help the believer in the critical and tough situations they have delved into.

12. Al-Nas (114)

Al-Nas, the Quran’s final surah, opens by referring to God as “the Lord of people,” similar to how Al-Falaq begins. This short Quranic surah to memorize notifies of Allah’s power and position over the other beings like jinn and people. The 3 Qul are memorized and recited as supplications daily in the morning. The purpose of reciting them is to seek Allah’s protection .

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Is The Shortest Surah In The Quran?

Surah Al-Kawthar is the shortest Surah of the Holy Quran. The Surah only has three short verses. 

2. What Is The Longest Surah Of The Holy Quran?

Surah Baqarah is the longest Surah of the Holy Quran.

3. How Many Surahs Are There In The Quran? 

There are 114 Surahs in total. Out of these 114 Surahs, 86 Surahs are classified as Meccan Surahs, while the other 28 are classified as Madani Surahs. 

Final Words

Despite the fact that many of these surahs are brief, they carry significant teachings about God and how we should aspire to exalt and serve him. By memorizing these Surahs, you can prepare yourself for the future. 

You can in the future memorize long Surahs and can allow yourself to broaden and strengthen your worship of Allah. 

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