Surah Waqiah Benefits

Surah Waqiah Benefits

The majority of people nowadays live in a state of worry and tension. The majority of this anxiety arises from financial concerns about being able to do something for their families. 

The Quran is full of verses and surahs that, merely by reciting them in our daily lives, bring benefits and barakah into our lives. Surah Waqiah, in especially, is considered a blessing for all Muslims due to its numerous financial benefits.

Surah Waqiah, also known as the “Surah of Wealth,” brings wealth and abundance while also safeguarding you from poverty. Taking a few moments out of your day to read this will ensure that you get the endless benefits that it provides.

Benefits of Reciting Surah Waqiah

Surah Waqiah offers numerous advantages and merits.

1. Surah Waqiah Relieves Believers from Financial Distress

Today’s world is filled with tension, stress, and concern. And, believe it or not, financial insecurity is at the root of many, if not all, of our problems.

 The list of financial challenges is actually endless, whether it’s a lack of jobs, a lack of financing from government organizations, or just the inability to give your loved ones basic essentials such as appropriate food, clothing, or shelter.

Surah Waqiah is a blessing for the Muslim Ummah as a whole. This is due to the fact that this surah is considered to bring a plethora of worldly blessings in exchange for decent earnings.

All Muslim believers are advised to hold this Surah close to their hearts in order to reap the many benefits that come from its magnificence. 

For individuals who aspire to seek legitimate earnings and bounty from their Lord ALLAH, the surah has been recognized to be a good means of achieving financial stability.

As previously stated, the Holy Prophet PBUH has declared. Surah Waqiah is known for offering excellent protection. A bundle of misery masquerading as a large bag of riches or fortune.

2. Surah Waqiah Reminds Us that We are in Control of Allah

The Last Day is mentioned in the Surah, which reminds you that there is a Higher Power in charge of your life. You are relieved of the burden of an uncertain life when you leave your problems and stresses to Allah.

3. Faith in Allah is the Foundation of Your Life

When you entrust all of your financial matters to Allah, you can rest assured that your future is secure.

 Having entire faith in Allah to care for you and your family alleviates worries that can be harmful to your physical and mental health.

4. Financial Stability can Achieve

Surah Waqiah is said to protect you from poverty and provide financial security, according to many hadith. 

It brings prosperity and barakah into your life if you recite it every day. It offers you and your family success, riches, and fortune.

5. Brings Providence to Life

Reciting this Surah on a regular basis will help you plan for the future. Trusting in divine providence provides you peace of mind and removes your anxiety about the future.

Reading Surah Waqiah After Maghrib

Daily remembrance of Allah offers infinite advantages, which is why you should read the Holy Quran on a daily basis. Surah Waqiah, in particular, is more powerful in its advantages when recited on a regular basis. As per some renowned Islamic scholars, it is preferred to recite this Surah between Maghrib and Isha or after Isha.

Purpose Of Surah Waqiah

The Companions of the Right, Companions of the Left, and Forerunners are discussed in Surah Waqiah. Following the Judgement, each will be rewarded or punished. 

The righteous will be blessed, while the unbelievers will be cursed, and the forerunners will be first in Paradise as the closest believers to Allah.

The pious shall be rewarded in Paradise with jeweled thrones, non-intoxicating clean wine, fruit, and other delights, according to the Surah. People on the left, on the other hand, will suffer as a result of their activities in this world.

Srah Wqiah also recalls believers of Allah’s glory and how He has bestowed upon us numerous benefits and signs that can be found in nature. It serves as a reminder to the Muslim Ummah that they must return to Him after death.

Surah Waqiah Benefits Hadith

Allah revealed the Holy Quran to His Prophet Muhammad as a precious book (PBUH). As a result, there is human guidance in every verse of this text. This poem, too, has a good impact on people’s lives. 

Once upon a time, the Prophet of Allah said that anyone who recited Surah al Waqia at night would never be poor throughout their lives. 620 (Ibn Sunni). 

Similarly, the Prophet of Allah declared this Surah to be the Surah of Wealth, which you should memorise and transmit to your offspring. (According to Ibn Kasir).

On the other hand, an incident occurred in which Ibn Katheer stated that Abdullah ibn Masud was sick at the time.

He was visited by Amirul Mumin Usman Ghani (R.A), who asked what he needed and how he could assist him. Usman Ghani (RA) asked Abdullah if he needed anything, and Abdullah replied that he didn’t. 

Usman Ghani (RA) then asked if he should give him the aid because his children would be able to survive without him. 

So Abdullah remarked, “Do you think they’ll ever be hungry because I’ve instructed them to recite Surah al Waqia every night?” As a result, it is simply evident that whoever wants to be steady must recite Surah al Waqia at night.

Benefits of Surah Waqiah Before Sleeping

Reciting what we are required to do in this world makes life easier. Every day in this world, Allah Almighty has given us the job of reciting this Holy and sacred book of Allah. 

It’s fairly simple to recite Surah al-Waqia aloud. In the same way, we should devote time to reciting this holy text. However, nighttime is the best time to recite Surah Waqiah

Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also advised that the optimum time to recite Surah-Al-Waqia is before going to bed. According to Ibn Sunni 620, the Prophet declared that whoever goes to recite Surah al Waqiah at night will never be poor.

As a result, we should stop wasting our time, but rather say this every day. Our belief in Islam will be strengthened, and our financial situation will be stabilized. 

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone who recites it must recite Durood-e-Ibrahim three times before and after. Allah Almighty will bestow barakah on your property and life, and Allah Almighty will grant you whatever you desire. 

If you want to have stability for the rest of your life, you should say it after Salhat-e-Isha for the remainder of your life.

Best Times to Recite Surah Waqiah

It takes less than 5 minutes to recite the Surah, making it very easy for the average individual to include it in their daily schedule. The Ummah was urged by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to recite it every night.

You can recite it between Maghrib and Isha prayers, or after Isha, before going to bed, depending on your inclination.

Surah Waqiah FAQs

Waqiah: What does it mean?

The word “Waqiah” literally means “judgment day” or “day of judgment.” As a result, this surah depicts the Last Day in a dramatic way, illustrating mankind’s division into three divisions. Based on the deeds they accomplished in this life, these 3 groups will have different conditions, punishments, and rewards.

What is the Para of Surah Waqiah in the Quran?

The 56th surah (chapter) of the Quran is Al-Waqi’a (Arabic: الواقعة‎; “The Inevitable” or “The Event”). Muslims believe it was revealed at Mecca (see Meccan surah), roughly 7 years before Muhammad’s Hegira (622), or journey to Medina. This surah contains a total of 96 verses.

What is surah waqiah read for?

Surah Waqiah, in especially, is considered a blessing for all Muslims due to its numerous financial benefits. Surah Waqiah, also known as the “Surah of Wealth,” brings abundance and prosperity while also protects you from poverty.

Surah Waqiah: What is its message?

Surah Waqiah’s message goes on to criticise the idea of non-believers rising from the dead. They merely did not believe we would be reborn after death and that the True Life would begin in the Hereafter.

Why was Surah Waqiah revealed?

The reality about the Hereafter, the notion of Tauheed, and the disbelievers’ suspicions of the Holy Quran are revealed in this Surah. 

The reality about the Hereafter, the notion of Tauheed, and the disbelievers’ suspicions of the Holy Quran are revealed in this Surah. 

They were unsure if they’d be revived after death. They also saw the Day of Judgment as a fictitious component of Islam, in which those who pursue the straightway are granted Paradise, and those who do not are cast into the fires of Hell. They believed it would never happen.

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