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 6 Benefits of Reading Quran – Quran Xperts

The Quran is our sacred Book, revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) during a 23-year era. 

The Holy Quran is Allah (Azza Wa Jall)s own word. It is a book that appeals to the heart and the mind. This is a book which has motivated and been influential to millions of individuals all around the world. 

It is now an essential feature of all Islamic civilizations. Muslims worldwide receive and learn guidance through reciting and understanding the Quran. It is because The Quran is a perfect book with no errors. 

Quran is a complete code of life, and we Muslims are the luckiest people in the world to own a book sent by The Merciful Allah through his messenger, The Beloved Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W). 

It contains divine messages, revealed to Him (S.A.W.W)  by angel Gabriel in the cave, and is a source of guidance and strength for Muslims in their life.

What is being narrated in the Qur’an is no fabrication; it is rather confirmation of the Books that preceded it, a detailed exposition of everything, and a guidance and mercy for people of faith.

( Surah Yusuf 12:111)

Before the Quran, Allah has sent down other 3 of His holy books: Torah, Zaboor(Psalms), and Injeel(Gospel). All these Holy Books came down on Earth to let the people know the existence of One and Only Allah. 

Each are indeed unique, yet they all come to Earth with the very same aim in mind. The Quran is Allah’s last, complete, and eternal Book, as well as the final revelation. 

A complete set of how to live your life. A key to paradise.

Then We revealed the Book to you (O Muhammad!) with Truth, confirming whatever of the Book was revealed before, and protecting and guarding over it. Judge, then, in the affairs of men in accordance with the Law that Allah has revealed, and do not follow their desires in disregard of the Truth which has come to you. For each of you, We have appointed a Law and a way of life (Surah Al-Ma’idah 5:48)

Now let’s look into why reading The Quran is important and its benefits in a human being’s life.

Benefits Of Reciting And Understanding the Quran

1. Divine Guidance

This is a Book in which We have revealed to you that you may bring forth mankind from every kind of darkness into light, and direct them

(Surah Ibrahim 14:1)

The Holy Quran is the ultimate Book for guidance, and it is the most precious gift that God has provided to humankind. 

It is the only Book that is guaranteed to bring you closer to God and make you a better person in the process. It is easy to understand and read, so everyone can benefit from the knowledge it contains. 

The Holy Quran is the perfect Book and sent as a guidance and healing to humanity.

The Holy Quran is a complete source of guidance. It provides a guaranteed solution to the problems that anyone may face in their life. 

It also aids in understanding how to achieve eternal happiness and a life of paradise forever. It also tells you how to become a better person, which is something that every person should strive for. 

Because the Quran is a book of God, it is literally meant for every single person. It also teaches you practical lessons that you can use to improve your life. There is no comparison to the Holy Quran when it comes to the wealth of knowledge and quality of life. 

2. Revives Both Body And Soul

And We send down of the Quran that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss

(Surah Al-Isra 17:82)

Benefit of quran reading are numerous. Quran rejuvenates your spirit, heals your body, and cleanses your consciousness. It can also give you a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment. It can bring clarity to our minds, make us more compassionate, give us the ability to forgive, and change our perspective and outlook on life. 

Quran strengthens your faith, purifies your soul, and brings out the true potential of one’s soul. The Holy Quran can also be a source of empowerment, guidance, and comfort and can keep you on the right spiritual path.

It’s incredible how much we can learn by reciting the Quran. Reading it is a way of enjoying the mercy of Allah on your body, which he rewards with healing and health. It has become a new form of pleasure and the first step to real happiness.

3. Mindset Modification

Whoever puts his trust in Allah, He shall suffice him. Surely Allah brings about what He decrees

(Surah At-Talaq 65:3)

In addition to reciting the Holy Quran regularly, you must modify your thinking to avoid being led wrong by life’s changes. 

Change your thought process, modify your actions, and modify your values. Once you opt for the Habit of reading the Quran every day, you will see visible changes in how you visualize the world and your life. 

You become more patient and find happiness even in small things. You realize that everything’s supposed to happen at your own pace. And you start to feel more energized and fresh by letting go of those negative mindsets and adopting a new way of viewing life.

4. A Better And Easy Way To Earn Good Deeds

Whoever will recite a letter from the Book of Allah, then he will receive one good deed equivalent to ten good deeds

(At- Tirmidhi 2910)

You’ll be surprised to learn that if you read just one word of the Quran, you’ll be rewarded for ten good actions. Subhan Allah. 

Consider how many good deeds you will acquire simply by reading a surah. This is because the Quran is packed with endless good deeds. In fact, the Quran is like a curriculum on good deeds. 

You’ll find that the Quran is chock full of good deeds and accounts of exemplary behavior.

5. Testament on the Judgment Day

The Quran is a proof for you or against you

(At-Tirmidhi 3517)

On the day of judgement, the Quran will bear witness for its readers. This implies that it can testify in your favor or show that you disobeyed Allah’s instructions and did not act on its words. It also means that the Quran is consistent and absolute in all its teachings. 

6. Makes You Closer To Allah

It is not your riches nor your children that make you near-stationed to Us, except for him who has faith and acts righteously; it is they who will receive double the recompense for their deeds. They shall live in lofty mansions in perfect peace

(Surah Saba 37)

Whenever you recite the Quran, it’s as though Allah is speaking to you. Moving from one verse to the next teaches us about what pleases Allah and what we should avoid. It’s also a way to connect with Allah and seek guidance and assistance. 

So that’s why recitations are so crucial. The Quran allows you to communicate with Allah. It’s not just learning the words; it’s learning to listen carefully to what those words mean and how they affect you. It awakens your faith. 

Over time, the Quran and the hadiths will be a part of your life and a source of guidance and comfort for you.

Final Words

The Quran is the most beautiful Book in the world. It has the ability to make you understand the true meaning of life and the universe. The Quran is a book of guidance, which is why it has been the foundation of the Muslim faith for centuries. 

It is the source of all revelation and the word of God. It contains everything you need to know and more about the life of a believer and the Hereafter. 

The above-mentioned perks of reciting The Quran are just a fraction of The Holy Book’s massive impact on our life. The benefits of reading the Quran are endless because, as for Muslims, It is not only a book of laws but also a book of guidance and inspiration, which is why it is a treasure beyond price to be read and followed by followers of Islam. Above everything, this Book is a wonder and a revolutionary within itself. 

The Holy Quran is both a sacred book and Allah’s name. The declarations and assertions that it contains the Noble Quran are indisputable and should not be ever replicated in any other book on the planet. 

The meaning of the Holy Book is absolute. It is a book that will guide many generations of Muslims into the light through the darkness until the day of judgment (Qayamat). It’s a way to find the Truth. So recite the Quran, and keep trying to learn it. You’ll never get bored!

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