8 Tips on How To Hifz Quran Quickly

Being a Hafiz is a great distinction that most Muslims crave to get. But earning this title comes at a cost. By cost, I mean the hard work, consistency, patience, and guidance of expert Quran teachers. We get tonnes of questions every day about Quran memorization where students are asking us about how to Hifz Quran quickly.

There are several tips to pace up your speed of Quran memorization. In this post, we are going to share with you the tips to Hifz Quran quickly. So, Let us get started without wasting any time.

1) Strong Will Power

Having strong willpower is crucial to becoming a Hafiz. Students often get disheartened when they are initially memorizing at a slow pace. Some get so disheartened that they give up their goal of becoming a Hafiz.

Even if you don’t give up, if you are demoralized, it would take you longer to memorize the Holy Quran. Whether you have a qualified Quran teacher or not, that’s not going to have an impact on you. That is why you should have strong willpower and a clear intention of memorizing the Quran.

2) Set Daily Goals

Everyone knows that becoming a Hafiz is no easy task. But if done smartly, the task can become significantly easier and you can increase your Quran memorization speed. One of the best tactics to increase your Quran memorization speed is to set daily goals.

Setting the daily goals will help you to be on target. Memorizing haphazardly will take you longer to Hifz Quran. But one thing you should keep in mind is to set achievable goals. Students often make a mistake of setting difficult goals for themselves. As a result, they can’t achieve them and get demotivated.

3) Hire An Online Quran Teacher

If you don’t have an expert to help you, Quran memorization would get more challenging and it would take you longer to Hifz Quran. It is the Quran tutor who helps you at each step of Quran memorization and makes the task easier for you. They guide you and help you and show you some tricks to Hifz Quran quickly. Hence, if you want to be a Hafiz, never take the task on your own. Instead, hire an online Quran teacher for you.

4) Get Up Early Morning

Waking up early in the morning can have tremendous health benefits. But we aren’t here to delve into that. There is already plenty of content out there. But we emphasize getting up early in the morning because it can significantly increase your speed of Quran memorization.

You may feel sleepy in the morning but your brain’s capacity to absorb things is much more as compared to the evening after spending an exhausting day. That’s why you should at least give an hour or half to Quran memorization after offering your Fajr prayer.

5) Read Out Loud

You may find it easier to read the Quran in a whispering voice when doing Hifz. But if you want to Hifz Quran fast, try reading it out in a loud voice like you’re talking to someone. Reading out loud helps to improve your memory which directly affects your memorization speed. Those who are memorizing the Quran at home often read the Quran in a whispering voice. So it takes them longer to memorize the verses.

6) Look For A Calm Place

Learning something in a noisy environment is extremely difficult. No matter how diligently you try, you still get distracted and can’t learn anything. It gets more difficult when you have to memorize the Quran. You must look for a room that has no distractions in it. Sit in a quiet place and start memorizing the verses of the Quran.

7) Take A Break

You can’t keep on memorizing the verses. Otherwise, you will keep on forgetting those verses you have already memorized. That’s why you should take a break when you start feeling exhausted. Then start memorizing again after some time. It will give your brain some time to relax and you can improve your speed to Hifz Quran fast. Students often push themselves when memorizing the Quran to Hifz more and more verses in a short span of time. However, it turns out to be counterproductive and takes longer for them to Give.

8) Memorize Quran Online

No need to go to a mosque if you want to hifz Quran quickly. Memorizing with a lot of other students would be a challenge because you can’t get the ideal learning environment. That’s why you should choose to memorize the Quran online. We are providing you with online Quran memorization classes to help you Hifz Quran online. Memorize the Quran in our one-on-one classes where you can Hifz the Quran without getting distracted by anything. Get connected to us to Hifz Quran online at the time that you are available.

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