How Long does it take to Read the Quran?

How Long does it take to Read the Quran?

To pay huge respect, homage, and honor to Allah Almighty, it’s important to recite Quran. Get to know How Long does it take to read the Quran?

How Long Does It Take To Read The Quran?

Determining how long it would take to read any book, whether the Bible or the Quran, is essentially a question of arithmetic. 

Plug in the quantity of the text, split it by the average amount of words a minute a person can be anticipated to read, and you’ll get your answer in minutes. 

With a little additional division, it may be stated in hours, days, years, or whichever works best for you. Of course, mathematics does not consider the necessity for a human person to take a break, or perhaps reread a portion that did not wholly register, or any of life’s other factors. 

Keep in mind that there is a distinction between reading and learning. Nonetheless, dividing the length of the Quran (around 77,000 words) by 200 words per minute (the reading comprehension pace of an adult reader in English, according to Iris Reading), the book may be finished in 385 minutes or around six and a half hours. 

Consequently, the ordinary reader might consider reading the Quran after lunch and finish it by evening. It also depends on the person’s age, whether he is structured in his studying, and the program he is taking. 

From 10 to 13 years old, a kid needs around a year and a half, whereas an adult may require a year.

How to Read the Quran Properly?

Learning to read the Quran might be difficult if you do not have a skilled and experienced tutor. 

Consequently, online video courses are an excellent and rapid way to try to understand the Quran, but the very first thing a Quran learner should learn is the Arabic alphabet. Therefore, there are some small bits to knowing how to recite the Quran correctly:

How to Interpret the Quran?

All Muslims must be able to recite the Holy Quran properly and correctly. Also, it is good to recite the holy book of Allah in Arabic, which is indeed the language of Islam.

How to Read the Quran Quickly and Easily?

The online courses will teach you how to read the Quran smoothly, rapidly, and fluently and use the most current and practical approaches available. A qualified and experienced teacher presents these video courses.

Learning The Quran And How To Recite It?

It would be beneficial to hear it spoken word by word and phrase for verse by a professional tutor. It would be super advantageous if you would at least try to emulate and recite along with him. 

Consequently, we provide additional lessons for this purpose. Also, you may be able to apply the laws of Quran reading and maybe become a skilled Quran reciter.

Arabic Language Characteristics

Several characteristics separate Arabic from other languages, the most famous of which are:

  • The Dispersion of Articulation is the transfer of speech from the lips to the throat.
  • Many varied articulations exist, taking into account the synchronization and balancing of the characters’ tones in a single word.
  • The Arabic language permits us to derive words with varying significance from a single source.
  • This spares the student both time and effort.

How to Read the Quran Using Punctuation and Vowels?

  • Only punctuation and vowels are used to enunciate Arabic words and phrases correctly.
  • The additional Democritus tashkil, Harakat can cause contextual variation.
  • Consequently, the speaker’s contribution is required to fulfill the relevance of the appropriate meaning.
  • Arabic has been reduced to only one word due to the abundance of prefixes, suffixes, and pronouns.
  • In truth, Arabic allows up to three consecutive prepositions before a word.


To sum up, a lot of factors play a critical role in deciding how long it takes to read the Quran. Some of the factors have also been highlighted above. But as mentioned at the start, you can finish the entire Holy Quran in 6 and half hours at an average reading pace of an adult. 

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