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9 Etiquettes of Reading Quran – Quran Xperts

You must have seen that if any adult or old age person in your house were reciting. In that reaction, the children will try to read the Quran but they don’t know about its manners, etiquette, and respect. Therefore it is highly important to deliver the right Islamic teachings to our new generation. Thus, for you and your kids, it is important that you guys know the rules and etiquettes for reading the Holy Quran. So, for your help, we are listing below the rules and etiquettes of reading the Quran. 

Etiquettes Of Reading The Quran

1. Perform WUDU Before Reading the Holy Quran

Wudu (ablution) is necessary before reading the Quran. It is essential to perform wudu before every prayer or sitting for reading the sacred book of Allah. 

So, the wuzu is the main part that must be performed before sitting for reading, praying, reciting tasbihat, or any spiritual meetings. Before reading sacrosanct scripture one must show a tremendous amount of respect toward this sacred Book. 

2. Wear Neat And Clean Clothes

Some rules and regulations must be undertaken before performing any religious actions. The prerequisites of Islam conduct us the lesson of purity and cleanliness that is most important in our lives. We must add purity and cleanliness to our lives and most importantly before saying a prayer or reading the Quran. 

Surely Allah loves those who always turn to Him in repentance and those who purify themselves.”(Al-Baqarah 2:222)

This verse of the scripture stated that’ it is a book of Allah almighty that must be covered and touched with purity, neatness, and cleanliness. One must not be allowed to handle this manuscript without wudu. It is an exception for those who recite the verses of the Holy book in memory. 

3. Sit In A Quiet Place While Reading/Reciting

To sit in a quiet place while reciting verses of the sacred book of Allah is counted as good manners in reading Quran-e-Hameed. It is administered to every Muslim to adopt these etiquettes of reciting the Quran. Because it is an explained book by Allah that is unmistakable and error-free, that is the great salvation for Muslims till the day of judgment.

Note Not only readers but these prerequisites are implemented on listeners of magnificent Books too.  

4. Make Sure That You Place The Revered Book In An Elevated Position

One must understand the respect, and honor of Allah’s manuscript. That demands a high level of attention and care while reading. There are good manners of reading the Quran that taught us the right etiquette. One of the manners is to try to expand the Quran and place it on the wood table, or clean the pillow. The Holy Book must not be bent, or curved, or its pages must not be cringed. So if you are not finding a suitable place. You can go to any masjid to read the Quran. Make sure that the place ensures the resting spot for the holy koran.

5. Read The Holy Book With The Right Hand 

Our Islam teaches us great values, morals, and ethics. That is descendent from Allah and stated by our beloved prophet (peace be upon him). We are advised to shake hands with our right hand, eat bites, or drink water with our right hand, and moreover. Additionally, It is the sunnah of Our Nabi S.A.W to grab the manuscript of Allah with the right hand. On that Hazrat A’ishah (R.A) narrate:

“The Prophet PBUH used his right hand in applying perfume, in eating, and used his left hand in the toilet or when removing any harm.” (Abu Dawood).

Rasulullah SAW life is the code that taught us the right way of living. According to this hadith, NABI SAW always uses the right hand in doing any righteous, virtuous activity. But using the left hand for removing specks of dirt or harm. 

6. Start Reading The Scripture With Tauz and Tasmiyah

This is the most important point of the etiquette of reciting the Quran. To start verse one must seek refuge from Allah. 

This is the translation of Tauz: “I seek refuge with Allah from Satan. “The accursed” (Quran).

On reciting bismillah: “with the name of Allah –the most merciful–the most beneficial”(Quran).

Every Muslim must read two requisites Tauz and Tasmia before commencing any verse, ayah, or recitation. 

7. Don’t Talk While Reciting 

If you are reading the greatest Book that requires your attention, focus, and concentration properly. If you are not able to give attention to the sacred book of Allah then don’t attempt to read it. Because it is a huge significant verse that demands quiet, calm, and full of attention. You should read it by sitting in the calm corner of the house and staying away from all distractions that can interrupt your recital process. Make sure to avoid personal or social commerce while handling the Quran. That immature behavior could indulge you in satanic influence. 

8. Read With Tajweed Rules

Because the Holy Quran is written in Arabic that demands careful pronunciation and recitation. Mistakenly, if you make an error in reading a single word that can completely change the meaning of the whole ayah. Kitaabe -e-Laraib should be recited strikingly or attractively. As our last prophet SAW said: 

“He is not one of us who does not make his voice beautiful with the Quran.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

According to this hadith, Rasulallah emphasized reading the revered scripture of Allah with a beautiful voice. Unless those who don’t show love for their statements do not belong to us either. 

9. Make a Dua After Finishing the Reading 

From start to its completion. There are rules to be followed that are ignorable. Allah’s manuscript is handed over to us with administrations too. Starting this sacred book from any verse or in between one must take care to recite the Tauz and Tasmia. On completion, it is required to end up with Dua. Dua makes your direct connection with Allah. Now it’s time to praise and say thanks for his endless blessings on you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we Recite the Holy Book Without Wudu? 

This question has hit the internet many times. Because, most of the people doing some activity like driving, household chores, or doing any writing play the Quran verses in the Background. So it is very recommended before listening to or reciting the Quran. You must add this routine to your daily practice to perform wudu. Then make sure that the place is clean. The revered book can be read and listened to whenever you like to read. 

2. Can we Touch the Quran without Wudu? 

The same question was asked by Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn Baz. He replied:  it is not permissible for anyone to touch the revered Book without performing wudu. 

A sahih hadith reveals that:

“None touch it except the purified”. (Surah 56 ayat 79)

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3. How To Recite The Quran Beautifully

To answer how to read the Quran beautifully, there are a few steps that you guys need to take. But keeping it short, just remember that you need a professional online Quran teacher to recite the Quran beautifully. Also, make sure that you recite the Holy Quran daily/regularly to improve your Quran recitation skills. 


The Holy Quran was a descendant of the beloved prophet SAW for 23 years and was completed on the 27th of Ramadan. The angel of Allah brings the orders, scripts, and sculptures of Allah and brings them to the Hazrat Muhammad SAW. in short, the manuscript of Allah must be read with great respect and honor. To do that, we listed a few of the etiquettes of reading the Quran. Follow these manners to pay homage, respect, and honor the Kitaab-e-Laraib and understand it adequately. 

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