Can You Read Quran Without Wudu On Phone

Can You Read Quran Without Wudu On Phone?

One of the most commonly asked questions is: “can you Read Quran Without Wudu on phone”? The question comes in various variations. Some of these variations include:

  • Can you read Quran without wudu?
  • Can I read Quran without wudu on my phone?
  • Do you need wudu to read the Quran?
  • Can I touch the Quran without wudu?
  • Can you think to recite the Quran without wudu?
  • Do we need wudu to read the Quran online?

People are also confused about whether they can read the Quran without wudu when they have memorized the Holy Quran. Let’s get answers to all the questions one by one.

Can You Touch The Quran Without Wudu?

First of all, it’s time to know whether you can touch the Holy Quran without wudu or not. To know the answer to this query, you need to first know about it in the Quranic context. Let’s say what the Quran tells us about touching it.

“Indeed, this is truly a noble Quran, In a Register well-protected; None touch it except the purified.” (56:77-79)

ccording to our research, the majority of Muslim Scholars (known as Jamhoor) have the same opinion about reading or reciting the Quran without performing ablution. The majority of Scholars agreed that you should perform ablution before you touch the Mushaf.

Mushaf refers to the physical form of the Holy Quran. The literal meaning of Mushaf is the “collection of pages.”

Hence, it means that you are not allowed to touch the Holy Quran in its physical form with bare hands when you have not done Wudu. You cannot even pick the Holy Quran with your bare hands to keep it somewhere else. However, if you’re not in the state of Wudu, you can pick the Holy Quran with a clean cloth.

Can You Read the Quran Without Wudu?

As mentioned before, you are not allowed to touch the Quran if you’re not in the state of Ablution. Hence, reading the Quran without Wudu is also out of the question. You are not allowed to read the Quran when you are not in Wudu.

It’s because reading the Quran from the book demands you to touch it, which isn’t allowed except in the state of ablution. However, if you are holding the Quran with a piece of cloth, then you can read even if you don’t have ablution.

Can I Read the Quran Without Wudu On My Phone or Laptop?

This is the point of confusion and debate between a lot of Muslims in the entire world. Not only common Muslims but a lot of Islamic Scholars are divided as well. It’s mainly because the Quran does not explicitly mention reading the Quran without Wudu as there was no concept of such gadgets in those days.

During the time of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W), it was a common practice that people used to read the Quran after performing ablution. Hence, it’s advisable to read the Quran only after doing wudu.

The majority of Muslim scholars are of the opinion that you can read the Holy Quran without wudu on your phone. It’s because the phone or laptop doesn’t fall under the definition of a Mushaf. However, that shouldn’t be prioritized at all. By following the practice of the era of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W), you should do wudu before reading the Quran.

It’s because you are pronouncing the words of the Quran (that are the words of Allah). So it’s more about showing respect. Your tongue and body need to be sure to read what Allah is saying in the Holy Quran, which is done through ablution.

Do We Need Wudu To Read the Quran Online?

If you know how online Quran learning works, you know that the Quran teacher will teach you by sharing a system screen. You don’t need a paper copy to study the Quran online. However, this does not mean that you should read the Qur’an without wudu. When you read the holy book revealed by Allah SWT, you must be in a pure state. Therefore, always perform ablution first and then start your online Quran class. Get connected to us to know more about how to learn the Quran online.

Can You Recite Quran Without Wudu?

As described in detail about reading the Quran without ablution, the same goes for reciting it. Though it’s permissible to recite the Quran without ablution, you shouldn’t do it. It’s better to take care of your purity before you recite Allah’s words. For that, you should recite the Holy Quran after doing wudu whether you are reciting it from your memory or the Mushaf.

Can You Recite Quran From Memory Without Wudu?

This question is from those who have memorized the Quran. They are confused about whether they can read the Quran without ablution after memorization or not. When memorizing the Quran, you no longer need to rely on hard copies of the Quran. Technically, you can read without Wudu (as the majority of Scholars agree). However, that doesn’t mean you should. As described above, you have to be in a pure state to read the Quran. For that, you should perform ablution whether you are reading from a Mushaf or your memory.

Can I Read The Quran When In The State of Major Impurity (Junub)?

Whether you want to read the Quran from a phone, laptop, tablet, or any other device, you are not allowed to do so if you are in a state of Major Impurity. Major Impurity, aka Junub, is a state when a person has to take a bath before doing any kind of worship.

So whether you want to read the Quran, recite it, or learn it using a soft or a hard copy, you must not be in the state of Junub. You must take a ghusl (ritual bath) before reading the Quran in this scenario.


You should not read the Qur’an without wudu, whether you are reading it from mushaf, from your phone, tablet, laptop, or even from your memory. Most scholars believe that they prefer to do wudu before reading or reciting the Qur’an. This will give you additional rewards. We have covered everything in detail here.

If you still have any queries about this topic or want to learn the Quran online, contact us now.

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